Washington County School District Testimonials

LanSchool was the answer to so many problems. Not only are we able to watch the students from one place, but we can see what they are viewing. Too many times the students will down size a window to appear as if they are staying on task, when in reality they are not.

We are able to see what they are viewing and also take a picture of the screen. We have done this on several occasions even though the students know we are watching their screen. After I took a picture of a window and told the students to come with me down to the vice principal. The student said they were just on Dallas Cowboys football site. I added that, yes, you were but you also were viewing the cheerleaders and I had a picture of the screen. The student didn’t have anything to say after that!

Kathy Moore

LanSchool has been an amazing tool that has helped our lab coordinators immensely! Lab management used to be such a chore, but now with the ability to blank screens, limit access to the internet, applications, and printers they can keep the students on task with ease. Opening websites and applications on all student machines from the teacher station is a snap as well.

Also, we have enjoyed great support and price.

Cody Plumhof