Tech Console

Tech Console

As a Tech Coordinator or ICT Manager, you’re probably feeling budget pressures and continually asked to do more.

LanSchool Tech Console v7.7 allows techs to monitor security risks, keep everything up-to-date, provide support, save power and report on technology utilization.

The Tech Console will make your life easier by making hard tasks simple.

  • View and enable security profiles
  • View hardware and software inventory
  • View and enable patch management for the OS
  • Distribute software over the network
  • Control Windows™ SteadyState® disk protection remotely
  • Provide support through Remote Control and Chat
  • Save power by viewing and setting power profiles
  • Report on technology usage (web and applications)
  • Prevent cyber-bullying and monitor computer use
  • Send out school-wide emergency messages
  • Receive support requests
  • Send and retrieve files
  • Remotely login computers
  • Remotely update the LanSchool Teacher software

Note:The LanSchool Tech Console client is the same client used for the LanSchool v7.7 student software. So if you are implementing both LanSchool v7.7 and LanSchool Tech Console v7.7 you only need to deploy the student client once!