Sungard Higher Education Testimonials

I use LanSchool in courses for professional system administrators. It’s a great tool for managing the classroom and controlling interactions with the students. The courses I teach are very technical and the students can work at their own pace. If someone has a question I can go right to his or her desktop without disturbing any of the other students.

Another of my favorite LanSchool features is the ability to broadcast one student’s desktop to all other students. For example, when ‘Student 4’ is doing something interesting, I can make it so their actions are displayed on everyone else’s screen. I use this at least once a day. I also like LanSchool because it has a tiny client footprint, the remote control is snappy and responsive, it only takes minutes to learn, and the price is an incredible bargain compared to similar products.

Joseph Brown, Technical Training Manager @ Sungard Higher Education