Save Time

Save Time

Send/Collect Files

The daunting task of distributing and collecting homework and tests is easy in LanSchool v7.6. Simply select a file and send it to the students. When it is time to collect the file, click the Collect files button and the file is automatically brought back to a unique location on the teacher’s computer or network drive.

For power users, the send/collect files feature also supports environment variables, wildcards and subfolders.

Power On, Logoff, Restart, Power Off

Turning machines on and off can take 10-20 minutes every day. Get that time back with LanSchool’s Power features. Selected student machines can be powered on, logged off, restarted or shutdown with the click of a button. The power on features only work with desktops that support the Intel Wake-On-Lan standard.

Multi-remote control

Unique to LanSchool v7.6 is the ability to do multi-remote control. This feature allows the teacher or administrator to take control of multiple machines at the same time to perform administrative tasks or log the machines in at the same time.

Remote Login

Remotely log in Windows computers using the same credentials for every computer.