Remove Distractions

Remove Distractions

Blank Screens

At the beginning of class, during a lecture or just to get the student’s attention, Blank Screens displays a configurable message while simultaneously locking out the student keyboard and mouse. Blank screens is a simple, yet effective feature to keep you in control. Plus, you’ll never get tired of the look on their faces when they see the famous blue screen!

Web Limiting

The Internet is a wonderful educational resource if used properly. LanSchool allows teachers, trainers and professors the ability to limit where students can go on the Internet. As with most LanSchool features, this ability can be applied to one, selected or all students.

LanSchool web limiting has been enhanced to block students from browsing to websites using IP addresses and optionally displays the list of approved websites to students.

Web limiting is supported for both Internet Explorer and Firefox on Windows computers. Teachers cannot allow or block specified websites on Mac students.

Application Limiting

LanSchool lets you easily specify what applications students can run on their computers. If you only want them to be in Word, just put Word into the allowed applications list. If you want to allow all applications except Solitaire and Pinball, put those applications in the Blocked list.

Application limiting combined with Web limiting are powerful tools to keep students’ energy channeled in the right direction.

Print Limiting

Students love to print web pages, manuals, chat logs, etc. LanSchool’s powerful print limiting tool allows you to stop or start student printing. This works whether the printer is local, shared or a network printer.

USB Drive Limiting

USB “thumb” drives look harmless enough, but they can bring in unwanted viruses, music and pictures. Eliminate student access to thumb drives with the click of a button. If the drives are in use, the student computers may be re-booted, but unlike the other solutions this ensures that students cannot continue using opened files.

Mute Sound

Most classrooms are noisy enough without the added sounds of computer speakers. The Mute button in LanSchool simply turns off the sound on the selected student computers.