One to One Support

One to One Support

Class Lists

Teachers wanted a quicker way to start class when using the 1:1 version. Now teachers can create a class list and automatically bring those students into the LanSchool session.

In addition, LanSchool setting can be saved and loaded, saving time at the beginning of class.

Battery Monitoring

Notebook battery monitoring notifies the teacher when a student’s battery reaches warning or critical status.


Wireless carts and tablets are becoming more common in schools across the world. LanSchool v7.6 works especially well in wireless environments, carts and on tablet computers because of its efficient use of network resources.

Thin client

Thin client solutions such as Microsoft’s Terminal Services, Citrix, and NComputing are popular in universities, corporations and schools because of their low total cost of ownership. Starting with LanSchool v7.4 we now support these environments. LanSchool’s implementation on thin clients is extremely easy to deploy and will work seamlessly with the traditional fat client model. You can even mix and match teachers and students between the two architectures.