New LanSchool v7.5 addresses Macs, Wireless, Audio, Video and Cyber-bullying

Orem, Utah September 3rd, 2010 – LanSchool Technologies LLC, a leading provider of classroom management software, announced that a new version, LanSchool v7.5, is now available. LanSchool v7.5 is a major release that brings the Mac version to feature parity with the Windows version, adds audio listening and broadcast for language labs, introduces efficient Multicast video distribution and playback and adds real-time keystroke alerting on banned words to help teachers control cyber-bullying in the classroom.

“LanSchool v7.5 raises the bar for classroom management in a cross-platform 21st century classroom.” said Dana Doggett, president of LanSchool. “LanSchool is the only solution that can provide the full range of features across Macs, PCs and Thin Clients and make them work reliably over wireless networks.”

In addition to the features listed above LanSchool v7.5 includes the following new features:

  • New wireless protocol increases performance and reliability
  • iPad, iPod, iPhone teacher and student support
  • Browser independent web limiting and history for all Windows browsers
  • Windows remote login
  • Clear Desktop button immediately shuts down all applications
  • Limit drives can turn off USB, CD and DVD drives
  • Dual monitor support
  • Testing enhancements
  • 20 additional customer and user interface enhancements