LanSchool v7.4 Teacher Console Supports Apple Macs, Extends Upgrade Protection to 3 years and Introduces Subscription Pricing

Orem, Utah August 27th, 2009 – LanSchool Technologies LLC, a leading provider of classroom management software, announced that LanSchool v7.4 will be available on September 1st, 2009. The primary focus of this release was adding support for teachers running Mac OS 10.5, but also includes several new features for the Windows product. A new flexible subscription pricing model was introduced that allows the software to be leased for $199 per teacher per year and upgrade protection was increased to from one to three years.

“LanSchool has always been about helping teachers teach more effectively in the classroom.” said Dana Doggett, president of LanSchool. “With the resurgence of Apple Macs in the classroom, most schools have cross platform environments. It is critical for schools to have a classroom management solution that supports teachers using Macs, PCs and thin clients.”

The LanSchool teacher console on the Mac looks very similar to the Windows teacher console, but looks and feels like a Mac application. The console runs on Intel-based Macs running OS 10.5 and will manage Macs, PCs and Thin Clients. It is a necessary solution for teaching in a 1:1 environment, mobile laptop cart or traditional computer lab.

In addition to the new Mac console, LanSchool v7.4 includes enhancements for the Windows product. A new Active Directory security model only allows teachers in a domain user group to manage student computers. Support was added for limiting the web for students using Firefox. Internet Explorer 8 is fully supported for web limiting, Internet history and co-browse. LanSchool v7.4 now has the option to stop “private browsing”, so all Internet activity can be tracked.