LanSchool Release History

LanSchool, April 25, 2014

  • Google Chromebook support
  • Assessment Mode
  • Universal iOS Teachers Assistant App for iPad and iPhone
  • Network Tampering Allowed SSID List support
  • Automatic Update from the LanSchool Connection Service
  • Chrome Web Limiting for Mac Students
  • Alerts and Questions History

Features & Enhancements

  • The LanSchool Chromebook Student is now available from the Chrome Web Store. (LanSchool Chromebook Student is a free app and requires LanSchool v7.8 and the LanSchool Connection Service (LCS)).
  • Students may be put into a timed Assessment Mode that limits Teacher interaction, secures (locks down) student machines to configured settings and captures activity logs (auditing) during the assessment. Assessment Mode requires LCS.
  • The LanSchool Teachers Assistant is now just one app for both iPhone and iPad.
  • LanSchool Network Tampering has been enhanced to force Student machines to associate with the school’s wireless network when available. Silent install options also added.
  • The LanSchool Connection Service can now update all Windows and Apple-­‐Mac students to the same version of LanSchool software.
  • Limit Web feature for Chrome browser added to Mac. Chrome limiting is supported on OS X 10.7 (Lion) and above on Mac.
  • All Keystroke Alerts and Questions from Students to Teachers are sent to a log that can be viewed or saved out to a file on the disk.

Known issues

  • Chrome Web Limiting is now accomplished with a Chrome extension that is auto installed by LanSchool. If your school uses Chrome Management Console or AD group policy to configure “force installed” extensions on Chrome browsers, please contact support for steps to deploy the LanSchool Chrome extension.
  • Chrome limiting on Mac requires OSx 10.7 (Lion) and above
  • LanSchool is discontinuing support for Leopard (Mac OSx 10.5)
  • SSID Whitelist feature is not supported on Windows XP, it will cause the Student to crash
  • Chromebooks with ARM processors are not currently supported by the LanShcool Chromebook Student. This includes Samsung Chromebook models. Support for ARM models will be available May 23, 2014.
  • Mac Chrome closes other tabs when closing Incognito window
  • PC Installs do not allow adding similar SSID names with different capitalizations
  • PC Student “Run Program” feature will not run 64-­‐bit applications
  • PC Teacher selects the wrong network adapter by default when VMWare is installed on a laptop

Customer Fixes

  • Addressed testing issues with Android Student including not reporting/showing test answers accurately through LCS.
  • Fixed case where thumbnails were stuck at “Updating”
  • Addressed issue where Limit Web no longer worked with Chrome version 33. The LanSchool Web Helper Chrome extension is required and is automatically installed.
  • Added iPhone 5 image support to iOS Teacher Assistant and converted to Universal App.
  • Resolved Student crash issue with extra-­‐long Window text in Firefox browser.
  • Resolved issue when a running “Speak to Class” audio session gets stuck after class is dismissed.
  • Corrected problem when Mac Teacher running Mountain Lion OS X 10.8 showed black screen to Students during Show Teacher.
  • Fixed issue where Student experienced LanSchool network errors when away from school.
  • Added code for automatic approval for Key Logging on Mac Students.
  • Added notifications so that after clearing a Keystroke Alert, notification continues if the same banned word is used again.
  • Improved support for long student names entered when a student takes a test (may be 64 characters long).
  • Corrected issue where custom teacher package sent from Tech Console to Teacher did not keep settings.
  • Added registry setting (AutoCheckUpdates) to disable the update notice on Teacher machines.
  • Fixed problem where Mac student daemon crashes in PrioritizeConnections()., November 20, 2013


  • Support for Windows 8.1 tablets w/ touchscreen interface (support Blank Screen, Limit Web, Remote Control, Show Screen…)
  • Support for scaling settings when either Teacher or Student is on a tablet (show teacher/student with font scaling 150% scaling).

Customer Fixes

  • Fixed issues (support for Limit Web…) introduced by Google in Chrome browser version 29+.
  • Corrected scaling issue that results when font size is set to 150% specifically on high-resolution, high density screens (support for Show Screen…).
  • Resolved when Mac Daemon hangs while trying to close the LanSchool Connection Server thread.
  • Corrected position of horizontal divider on iOS Student screen when changing device orientation while in browser
  • Resolved issue with buffer overrun causing crashes when loading/opening class lists.
  • Fixed problem where Students don’t consistently show up in Teacher Console.
  • Resolved issue with the Sticky bit being resent on /var/tmp causing some features (testing, Remote Control, etc.) to not work.
  • Addressed when Student is configured to use the LCS and webNetwork Relay Server and network connection goes away causing Student.exe to consume all available memory.
  • Adjusted font size issues when sending a Test to Student on Windows 8 tablet with increased (150%) font size.
  • Fixed re-broadcast problem with multiple LCS’s re-sending Wake-on-LAN (WOL) packets.
  • Improved Mac crash logs with required information.
  • Resolved problem with too frequent requests to lsversion.txt causing poor performance.
  • Updated keystroke log and URL history files to prevent corruption and allow simple extraction.
  • Corrected IE Web Limiting being able to show Blank.html page.
  • Added code to StudentDiagnostics to show GDIPlus DLL information in the installation page.
  • Fixed problem with MultiRC not working with LCS.
  • Mac Teacher now shows student name properly on small and medium thumbnails.
  • Fixed case where custom Mac Teacher install package wipes out LCS and Relay Server settings upon upgrade.
  • Resolved issue where Wake-on-LAN fails when Console set to Directed Broadcast to the LCS.
  • Fixed problem where multihomed Teacher not finding students when preferred NIC is not present.
  • Corrected IE Web Limiting being able to show Blank.html page when the NoRun policy is set.
  • Fixed problem where Students don’t consistently show up in Teacher Console when there were
  • more than 32 Teachers/Tech Consoles on the network segment.

Known issues

  • OnDemand PC Student fails to block the latest version of Chrome [FB7913].
  • iOS and Mac Students fail to “Blank Screen” and “Remote Control” when monitored by more than 27 Teachers [FB8110].
  • StudentDiagnostics fails UDP Traffic test [FB6568] (Workaround: run TCP test first before UDP test).
  • Cannot activate PC Student popup menu using touchscreen on some Win8 tablets. [FB7708]
  • OnDemand Mac Mavericks Teacher not currently supported [FB8312]
  • Chrome Web Limiting is now accomplished with a Chrome extension that is auto installed by LanSchool. If your school uses Chrome Management Console or AD group policy to configure“force installed” extensions on Chrome browsers, please contact support for steps to deploy the LanSchool Chrome extension. , July 25, 2013

Customer Fixes

  • Resolved Mac Teacher crash when loading a dynamic class list while one is already loaded. , July 17, 2013

Customer Fixes

  • Resolved Teacher Console crashing issue with NComputing devices.
  • Improved Linux Student message notification for anonymous and force read options.
  • Corrected issue with Kaspersky AV reporting LanSchool Student as malware.
  • Fixed issue with Android reporting false\positive on file copy.
  • Addressed issue with Mac Teacher Manage Class List filter option being able to use by port.
  • Resolved issue with LanSchool Connection Server conflicting with Apple TV’s.
  • Corrected issue with Mac Teacher losing student test answers if the test is ended by the teacher.
  • Fixed issue with Limit web and Mac students running OS X 10.8.2.
  • Resolved issue with files sent to a desktop on a Mac student not being writable.
  • Addressed Mac Teacher crash issue when accessing a dynamic class list.
  • Improved LanSchool Connection Server web portal to display Student version.
  • Fixed various Mac crash reports submitted to LanSchool.
  • Resolved issue with Blank Screen not being cleared after loading and dismissing a class list.
  • Corrected issue with Google Docs and Chrome with limit web presenting the Allowed sites page.
  • Addressed issue with Mac Student “Talk with Student” ending after about one minute.
  • Improved LanSchool student working with Sleep mode in Windows.
  • Fixed issue with Mac Teacher not displaying last machine in details view 100%.
  • Resolved issue with Mac Teacher not checking the Co-browse menu like the Windows Teacher.
  • Corrected issue with 7.7.3 Students not sending information to the Report Server.
  • Addressed issue with Teachers not being able to un-blank students from the system tray.
  • Fixed issue with Mac Teacher who becomes a student failing to be able to join a class list. , April. 15th , 2013


  • New “Speak” section consolidates audio options from Show & Control, provides a new Audio pop-up dialog to notify when audio is enabled and two new capabilities:

o Speak to class

o Let student speak to class

  • Ability to use other functions of the Teacher Console after enabling screen blanking.
  • Network Tampering Controls will monitor, if enabled on the student, the wired and wireless networks for adapter disconnects. (Windows Only Initially)
  • Find\Filter options in the Teacher Console details, thumbnail, and manage class list views.
  • LanSchool Connection Server support for Thin Clients.
  • New Windows Multipoint Server 2012 Support.
  • New Windows Server 2012 Terminal Services Support
  • New logic added to Status Notification of Teacher Connection in student system tray: Enabled only if a teacher is on the same channel.
  • New safety mechanism\warning dialog to confirm disruptive actions.
  • Added tool tips for Mac Console.
  • New student count to managing class list interface.
  • Color reduction option for Screen Feed, enable\disable in Console preferences student tab.
  • Changed default selection mode in thumbnails view to be standard selection, not toggle section, and added an option in preferences to switch if desired.
  • New On-demand options
    • Enable channel select command line option for students
    • Teacher Console that does not require class list integration
    • LanSchool Student configured for the Connection Server now supports DNS name.
    • New Utility “DisableAudio.exe” removes audio capabilities on a Windows Teacher Console.
    • Support added for Mac to send automated crash logs back to Stoneware.
    • New option enabled by default for LanSchool to automatically check for LanSchool updates (Teacher – Preferences-Notifications)
    • New “SwitchToTeacher” utility for Mac allows the ability to have both the teacher and student agents installed on the same device.
    • Android LanSchool Connection Server and Distance Teaching Support. *Requires an updated Android Student to be release post 7.7.3
    • Android students can now be added to class lists. *Requires an updated Android Student to be release post 7.7.3
    • Added LimitTaskMan option to the ADM templates
    • Added option to enable “Network Tampering” in ADM templates

Customer Fixes

  • Resolved issue with Show Teacher not showing to LanSchool Connection Server Students if wireless students are present.
  • Fixed issue with iOS Teacher Assistant not pairing with LanSchool 7.7.2 Teacher Consoles.
  • Addressed various crashes with iOS student.
  • Corrected situation with LanSchool Connection Server and Multi-Remote Control double typing.
  • Improved application limiting for executable where internal name does not have .exe.
  • Resolved issue with Mac Test Builder de-selecting the “True/False” radio button when editing a True/False question.
  • Resolved Windows Teacher Limit Web dropdown menu being disabled for iOS students.
  • Fixed Mac Student for the iMac so that video corruption did not appear.
  • Improved LanSchool Connection Service when faults are encountered.
  • Addressed Report Server install issues with Windows 8.
  • Improved performance of Group Chat.
  • Corrected issue with Dynamic Class List dialog and the ability to differentiate class names.
  • Updated “Ask technician a question” to reduce confusion. Only enabled if Tech Console is discoverable on the network.
  • Resolved issue with teacher console displaying Android students as capable of Windowed Show Teacher.
  • Addressed magnification issues generating a white boarder rather than the thumbnail.
  • Fixed issue with Draw Screen not minimizing teacher console.
  • Removed bell on Mac 10.8 when class join occurs.
  • Improved speed in updating current application field from details view.
  • Added tool tips for missing buttons.
  • Corrected issue with web limiting twitter also inadvertently limiting Google.
  • Fixed various student crashes.
  • Improved non-connection message for students configured to use the LanSchool Connection Server.
  • Mac Teacher can now switch to show student during a remote control with that student.
  • Improved performance of Mac Teacher’s “Show Student” to Mac or Linux students.
  • Corrected issue with Custom Folder listbox being disabled during file transfer.
  • Addressed Chat issue with spacing on the first line.
  • Fixed dual LanSchool student indicator on Ubuntu Linux.
  • Addressed issue with Tech Console incorrectly disabling SteadyState button with LanSchool Connection Server students.
  • Corrected Run Program failure with Linux students.
  • Resolved issue with Teacher Console freezing when viewing URL history.
  • Improved Mac Student hardening against malicious threats to stop the agent.
  • Improved test summary results to handle essay questions.
  • Fixed issues with a licensed console viewing lite students.
  • Corrected issue with Mac Teacher install not launching correctly if Fast User Switching is utilized.
  • Addressed issue with iOS students not stopping limit web if the teacher connection goes away.
  • Corrected issue allowing “Pokki” application to be limited with limit apps.
  • Improved iOS student random test questions process.
  • Adjusted the LanSchool Connection Server so it will not install if the LanSchool Student is running.
  • Fixed issue with LanSchool Connection Server Icon showing as “null”.
  • Resolved incorrect initial status reported in Tech Console for phishing filter on PC students.
  • Addressed issue with Mac Teacher dragging the main windows could trigger a blank screen.
  • Corrected issue with wrong password value when updating a PC Teacher from the Tech Console.
  • Improved student memory management practices.
  • Fixed issue with Show Teacher to implied all not showing on LanSchool Connection based students when wireless students are present.
  • Addressed issue with LanSchool Connection Server generating significant amount of broadcast packets.
  • Corrected issue when switching from blanking to show teacher hanging Mac student.
  • Resolved issue with iOS student hanging teacher console with option to show test scores.
  • Fixed issue with PC teachers not being able to save class lists by Active Directory Name or Machine Name.
  • Addressed issue with iPhone student not able to dismiss “Enter Student name” dialog during a test.
  • Corrected Linux student remote update issues.
  • Resolved issue with iOS students not prompting for student name during a test when configured to do so.
  • Standardized wildcards used by web limit.
  • Addressed issue with PC Teacher corrupting student property values.
  • Fixed Remote control button hanging and appearing to be stuck.
  • Corrected OS X Blank Screen issues.
  • Resolved issue with several advanced install options being erroneously applied when updating a PC Teacher via Tech Console.
  • Addressed issue with Mac students not displaying random order test questions.
  • Corrected issue with Dynamic class lists not loading if the name contained a slash.
  • Keyboard and mouse are now locked when remote controlling a student from a teacher assistant.
  • Addressed Mac Student crash while receiving files from a Teacher.
  • Improved Test Score collection if a student logs out during a test.
  • Fixed Reg_Key_Original_Channel setting for the Windows Teacher.
  • Addressed Random Student section for the Mac where the wrong student was notified.
  • Corrected issue where iOS thumbnails would not appear in the Teacher Console if monitoring multiple channels.
  • Added Steady State Property page for the LanSchool Mac Tech Console.
  • Improved VMware ESX\vSphere student issues.
  • Fixed issue with View All Classroom layout not sticking.
  • Addressed issue with Thumbnails moving on the Mac Teacher in layout mode.
  • Improved collecting files feature using the LanSchool connection Server with the “*” wildcard.
  • Improved support of LanSchool working in an environment with Palo Alto Global Protect VPN.
    • Improved support of LanSchool working in an environment with Cisco VPN.
    • Resolved issue with hardware keyboards not working correctly with the iOS Teacher Assistant during a remote control session.
    • Corrected issue with LanSchool Connection Server and Mac students sometimes not loading into a class using a class list.
    • Improved Security Monitor utility to handle latest LanSchool hacking attempts.
    • Improved LanSchool Connection Server Diagnostics.

Known issues

  • Student Remote Login Feature is not supported by the Windows 8 operating system.
  • In order to monitor Firefox the LanSchool student will limit the ability to modify browser history settings.
  • The Secure Exam Browser for Mac does not allow thumbnails to be sent back to the Teacher Console when enabled.
  • Ubuntu Linux 12+ students no longer support thumbnails if the user logs out.
  • Removing support for Vernier LabQuest.
  • Window 8 student can circumvent “Force full-screen test” by sidebarring, this is a limitation of the Windows 8 operating system.
  • We are not adding new capabilities to the Windows Multipoint 2011 plugin, going forward we will transition back to using our native Teacher Console vs. the Windows Multipoint Console Plugin. , Dec 13, 2012


  • Windows 8 support.
  • Ubuntu Linux 12 and 64bit support.
  • LanSchool Connection support for Tech Console.
  • Group Chat – Multiple students can chat in a group with a Teacher.
  • System Tray student notification of teacher connection.
  • iOS Universal Student Agent (merged Student app from 2 to 1).
  • iPhone Student testing support.
  • iOS Class List support.
  • iOS Students support for LanSchool connection server and Distance Teaching.
  • Improved webNetwork & LanSchool Class List integration to account for multiple Course ID’s.
  • New Unload options for On-demand students
  • Added Customizable background image for Blank Screen for Mac Teachers. (Windows support was added in the previous 7.7.1 release)
  • Increased the amount of time student have to review “Timed tests” results.
  • Windows Multipoint Server Plug-in now shows the IP address in the details view.
  • iPhone 5 student support.
  • Wildcards support for Application limiting

Customer Fixes

  • Improved LanSchool Connection Service communication with students.
  • Improved iOS browsers ability to show internet history with double byte characters.
  • Resolved iOS teacher assistant issue with seeing higher port students.
  • Fixed issue with View keystroke and application history only showing keystrokes.
  • Corrected issue with iOS Teacher Assistant not handling UAC properly with Remote Control.
  • Improved iOS Teacher Assistant Screen Blanking with LanSchool Connection Server (LCS).
  • Fixed issue with iOS Teacher Assistant Vote questions not recording responses via LCS.
  • Added Sample Tests for On-demand Teacher Consoles.
  • Resolved iOS students not showing web limiting icon during a web limit.
  • Improved Teacher Assistant pairing with Teacher Console.
  • Resolved Remote Control and View Student un-toggling Application limit.
  • Corrected VMware ESX\vSphere issues with student.
  • Fixed issue with demo iOS students not communicating with Teacher in Multicast mode.
  • Improved Taskbar Icon status for Ubuntu 11.10 students.
  • Removed Android ability to appear in Manage Class List.
  • Correct issue with Teacher not displaying “?” icon when Android students ask questions.
  • Fixed issues with LanSchool connection server unloading.
  • Improved message to Teacher with Android student changes channel.
  • Improved Student hardening for PC students configured to use LanSchool connection server.
  • Fixed various LanSchool teacher and student crashes.
  • Resolved situation with Mac Teacher not displaying name entered by students taking a test.
  • Corrected issue with Remote Control Menu-bar not enabling the ability to switch from Remote control to view.
  • Improved Mac student daemon to eliminate crash with LCS and lack of a network connection.
  • LanSchool Connection Server Service will default to restart if interrupted.
  • Fixed issue with LanSchool LCS connected student not appearing in the WOL list.
  • Addressed issue with Mac Tech Console not setting the correct focus when right-clicking on a extra-large thumbnail.
  • Corrected Special Folder destination combo box remaining disabled after send.
  • Improved Mac thumbnail view where wrong thumbnails expand.
  • Addressed issue with Mac students not always returning the student name.
  • Fixed issue with Android students not showing question mark in details view.
  • Resolved incorrect version numbers.
  • Correct Mac Lite teacher and student ability to access the LCS configuration screen.
  • Mac console will not persist in saving the test answers settings.
  • Addressed issue with PC teacher not showing ampersand characters in the teacher message history list.
  • WMS 2011 student details view now shows the designation for LCS students.
  • Fixed wording in computer.lst question.
  • Corrected issue with Teacher console not receiving votes from Linux students.
  • LanSchool Connection Server now sends .dmp files to stoneware.
  • Addressed issue with Student thumbnail being stuck at “updating through LCS”.
  • Added reconnect logic to students configured for LCS mode.
  • Resolved issue with install not passing Secure Mode settings with /qn
  • Corrected missing mouse cursor on teacher console during “show student”.
  • Improved student hardening around upgrading LanSchool.
  • Fixed issue with iOS students leaving channel and not updating thumbnail appropriately.
  • Improved iOS room # updates based on changing channels.
  • Corrected logic for iOS teacher Assistant Remote Control of students.
  • Improved Linux Student display message where message contained an ampersand character.
  • Addressed issue with Mac Lite teacher not able to load a class list.
  • Corrected remote update issues with demo students to regular students
  • Improved background image for blank screen performance.
  • Resolved issue with iOS Teacher Assistant sending wrong first keystroke.
  • Corrected iOS Teacher Assistant blank screen issues.
  • Fixed issue with Rebuilding “Power On” list using LanSchool Connection Server model.
  • Improved iOS student test for visible differentiation between single-select and multi-select.
  • Resolved issue with duplicate keystroke logging with a Mac teacher becomes a student.
  • Corrected issue with resending a test to iPad students causes previous answer to be lost.
  • Fixed wrong score being reported from essay questions on iPad students.
  • Improved keystroke logging when using LanSchool connection server based students.
  • Addressed issue with teacher console crashing on export of test.
  • Improved iOS students’ performance with “Show Teacher” session.
  • Corrected iOS TA ability to receive long questions from students.
  • Fixed various remote control issues in Teacher Consoles.
  • Addressed LCS students not properly dismissing from class.
  • Resolved iPad Teacher Assistant crash when changing blank screen message.
  • Improved icon status in teacher console so higher priority items appear on top.
  • Fixed issue with remote updating a PC student from a Mac teacher turning on the problem reporter.
  • Corrected issue with LCS PC students incorrectly reporting it is not Deep Freeze capable.
  • Improved uninstall of Lite student.
  • Fixed screen misalignment after logging into a PC student via remote control.
  • Improved iOS Teacher Assistant logic on remote control button.
  • Improved On-demand PC Teacher preference settings persistence.
  • Addressed iOS Teacher Assistant seeing students that have changed to a different channel.
  • Fixed issues with Mac students and new Retina Displays.
    • Corrected issue with save student answers failing if the student name contained a forward slash.
    • Improved visible indicator with student is denied due to LCS not having correct security settings.
    • Addressed issue with Keystroke logging showing deleted keystrokes from LCS students.
    • Resolved issue with Safari 6 not following teachers co-browse.
    • Resolve issue with Android short answer questions being incorrectly scored if they have a leading space.
    • Corrected crash with remote controlling a student while also performing Co-browse.
    • Addressed Localization string issues on French PC teacher.
    • Fixed issue with Deep Freeze students receiving multiple “You’re about to be logged off” windows when multiple commands are sent.
    • Resolved inconsistent behavior when using Deep Freeze between Mac & PC Tech Consoles.
    • Addressed issue with collecting files from students would fail if the teacher’s destination was different from the student source folder.
    • Fixed issue with students unable to join a dynamic class list if their login name is the same as the teacher.
    • LanSchool Connection Server installer leverages preexisting secure mode settings.
    • Resolved issue with Mac students sending inventory directly to the report server rather than via the LanSchool Connection Server.
    • Mac Students using the LanSchool Connection Server no longer receive an error when attempting to use the Deep Freeze Tech Console capability.
    • File Transfers to Linux students can now be deleted.
    • Improved Time Test reset logic if a user logs out during a test.
    • Improved “Moved by Teacher” status updates in the LanSchool console.
    • Better error message in “Show Video” when the video codecs are missing on the student.
    • Fixed Random On-demand Mac Teacher crash when awaking a sleeping lion.
    • Resolved issues with Mac Teacher failing on Remote Updates.

Known issues

  • Linux student ignores blank screen at Login
  • Installation of the Report server on Windows 8; you must first pre-install .NET 3.5 prior to starting the installation of the LanSchool report server.
  • Enhanced support for 5” and 7” tablets.
  • Kindle Fire Support
    • Added advanced testing features
      • Timed test
      • Random question order
      • Show test scores to students
      • Request student name
  • Added Demo Channel support. Android, Oct 12, 2012 Enhancements

Customer Fixes

  • Resolved Android student showing the test name rather than student name.
  • Fixed various Android student crashes.
  • Corrected Android student responses changing when random order is selected.
  • Fixed various Android student disconnect issues.
  • Corrected Android student failing to change machine name from Tech Console.
  • Improved various user interface issues.
  • Improved Android battery status and level.
  • Fixed test load issues on Android students.
  • Corrected cut-off thumbnails of Android students.
  • Addressed misaligned mouse pointer on Android during Show Teacher.
  • Resolved Android change channel issue.
  • Improved Android student notification changes occurring without a reboot required.
  • Fixed Android students not resuming test after teacher connection is lost.
  • Resolved issue with Android Students disappearing from Teachers View after finishing a test.
  • Fixed various testing issues with Android students.
  • Corrected Android Students giving incorrect “unplugged” icon while charging.
  • Improved Android so it shows thumbnail rather than icon during message from teacher.

Known issues

  • Issues with Motorola Xoom android devices and LanSchool student. , Aug 31, 2012


  • Apple OS X Mountain Lion support (10.8).
  • Additional LanSchool Connection Server feature support: Limit Print, Limit Drives, Keystroke and Application History, Power on Student, banned word support.
  • Customizable background image for Blank Screen (Windows Teacher only).
  • Linux students report capabilities back to teacher consoles.
  • New LanSchool connection Server configuration options in ADM and ADMX files.
  • Added Sample Tests to On-demand Teacher agents.
  • LanSchool Connection Server Debug log option.
  • Improved Student connection indicator for LanSchool Connection Server
  • OSX 10.8 now takes advantage of built-in notification system.
  • StudentDiagnostics.exe UI improvements and LCS diagnostics.

Customer Fixes

  • Resolved student Mute and Unmute issues.
  • Fixed some occurrences of student and teacher crashes.
  • Corrected Teacher Console being stuck in Screen Feed mode.
  • Addressed in-private browsing issue with Internet Explorer 9 browser.
  • Resolved Tech Console Active Directory Secure mode lock out issue.
  • Added Mac Lite Teacher Quit option.
  • Changed the default button with focus to the ‘OK’ button in Deep Freeze Management.
  • Improved French PC Teacher ‘Register Product’ translation.
  • Improved Graphics card inventory information.
  • Fixed Web Limiting issue with an oversized allow list.
  • Correct LanSchool system tray icon not removing after exiting the console.
  • Cleaned up French Subscription PC Teacher install dialogs.
  • Improved LanSchool system tray icon for Thin Clients.
  • Corrected install logic for LanSchool Connection Server enablement on students.
  • Fixed system tray dialog messages that were previously cut off.
  • Resolved error with file transfer to students if the folder was previously removed.
  • Corrected Mac student install issue if space in .pkg path.
  • Improved file transfer technology on large files.
  • Fixed “Block Now” issue with Mac students if a space existed in the application name.
  • Corrected Co-browse issue with the LanSchool connection server.
  • Improved file collection on Linux students.
  • Addressed issue with Mac Students not working correctly with Thunderbolt displays.
  • Resolved issue with Mac students not sending web history through LanSchool Connection Server.
  • Fixed issue with PC teacher not able to remove Teacher Assistant pairing.
  • Improved ability to maintain settings during LanSchool upgrades.
  • Improved web limiting hardening.
  • Resolved issue with manual license validation.
  • Corrected Linux student inappropriately limiting the web when not selected.
  • Allowing iOS students channel to be set to 16001.
  • Improved LanSchool Classroom Server Web Service information.
  • Addressed issue with LanSchool removing HP Touchsmart 9300 drivers.
  • Improved Mac Tech Console functionality enablement for Android students.
  • Corrected Mac student opening a browser for run commands.
  • Improved Multi-Remote Control through the LanSchool Connection Server.
  • Resolved resolution issue between student and teachers.
    • Adjusted On-demand Windows students for better inPrivate browsing blocking.
    • Fixed issue with sample test saving causing crash with test builder.
      • Improved student thumbnails refreshing.
      • Resolved Mac teacher crashing during screen feed.
      • Improved Student sleeping support in LanSchool Connection Server.
      • Addressed Tech Consoles lack of ability to clear teacher question.
      • Resolved issue with Mac Teacher who becomes a student not able to display thumbnail.
      • Improved file collection for students names that contain a slash.
      • Reordered the Remote Login order to comply with Windows login standards.
        • Address PC teacher hang with attempting to load a dynamic class list.
  • Improved LanSchool Connection Server Status and enrollment messages.
  • Resolved Localization issue with Portuguese student information label.
  • Fixed issue with PC student icon disappearing on Windows XP. , July 30, 2012

Customer Fixes

  • Made adjustments for NComputing M300 and L series devices for continued platform support.
  • Resolved issue with Mac Student install not creating a settings file if space in package path.
  • Fixed some occurrences of student and teacher crashes.
  • PC Teacher now saves “Allow Remote Control” in Teacher Assistant authorization.
  • Resolved Mac Teacher crash when displaying last website icon in thumbnail view.
  • Adjusted Spanish Localization on Subscription License Activation window.
  • Improved memory management of Screen Feed feature in Mac Teacher and Tech Console.

Known issues

  • The feature “Collect Files From Student” may fail to send the entire file on very large files (around 100 MB and larger) when the Student is connected through the LanSchool Connection Server.
  • User Access Control issue with remote control from an iOS Teacher Assistant controlling the

teacher or student. , July 17, 2012


  • New LanSchool Connection Server, client-server model for improved support in VLAN & Wireless environments.
  • LanSchool Distance Teaching over the Internet with Stoneware webNetwork.
  • Expanded iOS Teacher Assistant with Remote Control Students and Remote Control Teacher.
  • Expanded iOS Student capabilities with receive “Show Teacher”, “Show Student”, Draw on Screen, iOS web browser with Limit web and web history reporting.
  • New Android Student.
  • LanSchool Tech Console centralized Faronics Deep Freeze Control and threaded software install.
  • Improved Inventory Scanner for Windows to leverage native WMI.
  • LanSchool default startup view now thumbnails.
  • Added ability to pass KIOSK mode into Terminal Server Teachers.
  • Improved student state detection in teacher consoles.
  • LanSchool Teacher Consoles can communicate on high port (11796) for operating systems that can not listen on lower privileged port (796).
  • New LanSchool Student command-line install options: LCS= (IP address of Connection Server) RELAY= (IP address of webNetwork Relay).
  • New LanSchool Connection Server Port configuration registry key:
    • [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\LanSchool] ConnectionServerPort REG_SZ <NewPortNumber>
    • Once the new port is defined on the LanSchool Connection Server (LCS), student machines will also required to modify the port to match the port value on the LCS:
      • [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\LanSchool] ConnectionServerAddress //32-bit PCs [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\LanSchool] ConnectionServerAddress //64-bit PCs
      • Increased the data limit log for keystroke and application logging from 500KB to 1MB

Customer Fixes

  • Fixed situations of keyboard and mouse not disabled during show screen and screen blanking.
  • Resolved issue with remote run running an application as a system account
  • Improved EnableChannelSelect utility to indicate when it fails to change the channel due to insufficient rights.
  • New error message when attempting to install students to channel 0 “Invalid Channel”.
  • Resolved Linux demo student to retail channel upgrade issue.
  • Improved Mac Teacher Console menu and button graying logic for iOS.
  • Resolved some occurrences of student and teacher crashes.
  • Improved Web Limiting on Mac Students using a Chrome browser.
  • Removed the join class notification for students running in stealth mode.
  • Student Chat dialog box will no longer come up as 2nd window.
  • Improved task manager limiting logic.
  • Fixed version information for iPhone Students.
  • Resolved WMS 2010 Teacher who becomes a student going to channel 1, instead of the teacher’s channel.
  • Corrected issue where remote control of a teacher while the teacher is preforming a show screen to students was causing problems.
  • Improved performance of inventory reporting on PC students.
    • Removed the redundant channel setting on iPad student application Settings\Student Settings.
    • Improved Linux web limiting to leverage wildcard characters.
    • Send crash reports option was added to ADM and ADMX templates.
    • Improved performance of keystroke monitoring on student machines.
    • Fixed issue with Task Manager remaining disabled after on-demand agent is removed.
    • Resolved situation with Terminal Services not being able to join a dynamic class list.
    • Updated copyright information from LanSchool LLC to Stoneware Inc.
    • Tech Console Virus Protection and Malware now detect 64bit version of Security Essentials.

Known issues

  • Mac OS X 10.4, Windows 98, and Windows 2000 support continues in 7.7 and is available by contacting LanSchool technical support to receive the legacy LanSchool agent. New features will not be supported on these older platforms.
  • LanSchool Distance Teaching requires version 6.1.1 of webNetwork.
  • In order to remotely upgrade Mac Students from 7.6 to 7.7 and communicate via the LanSchool Connection Server two updates are required. The first will upgrade the Mac Student to 7.7; the second will add the information required to communicate with the LanSchool Connection Server.
  • PC Tech Console unable to upgrade 7.6 Mac Teachers to 7.7, must upgrade manually. After Mac

Teachers are upgraded to 7.7 the PC Tech Console will be able to Remote Update going forward.

  • Due to the Android architecture, after installing the LanSchool Android Student the application must be opened initially to start the LanSchool service.
  • Tech Console Internet security settings require that Windows 7 with Internet Explorer 8 reboot after initial LanSchool agent install for accurate status information.
  • Students cannot change channels if using the LanSchool Connection Server. Workaround is to leverage Class lists or the Teacher Console to change student channels if using the LanSchool Connection Server.
  • 64bit Applications are not detected by Application History.
  • Setting up Ncomputing M & L Series devices requires you to login as a non-admin to configure the client by running the SetupTSClient.exe and then give it admin credentials. May 23rd, 2012


  • New ADMX templates to support the new Group Policy format.
  • Subscription Tech Console now will use the same license key as the Subscription Teacher.
  • Mac Student test answers now persist on the student through a reboot until the test is closed.
  • Adjusted thumbnail icon ordering so that the student question icon is always visible.

Customer Fixes

  • Fixed situations where the taskbar would occasionally disappear upon release of Show Teacher or Show Student.
  • Resolved issues where Mac Tech Console could fail to Change Machine Display Name.
  • Fixed teacher console startup issues on Multipoint 2010.
  • Resolved some occurrences of student and teacher crashes.
  • Improved class list process for Mac students joining classes.
  • Corrected HTTP 500 errors related to viewing information in Tech Console Reports.
  • Resolved cases where Web Limiting was incorrectly blocking local HTML files
  • Prevented some newly found methods of circumventing Web Limiting.
  • Fixed Web & App limiting issues with students joining the class after the class list was loaded.
  • Restored the ability of Tech Console on Mac Lion to distribute .exe & .msi to PC students.
  • Resolved a case where control of Windows Multipoint Server students could be circumvented.
  • Fixed situations with missing students in a class list environment.
  • Corrected a potential conflict where LanSchool could prevent Pearson VUE Testing software from starting.
  • Fixed an issue where upgrading a Demo Linux Student to the full version did not change the channel from ‘Demo’.
  • Fixed a rare condition where the teacher could crash during install.
  • Improved the ability of the iOS Teachers Assistant to pair correctly with the Mac Teacher.
  • Resolved cases where Web Limiting was not limiting when multiple tabs are in use.
  • Fix for an issue with the persistence of the subscription license key on PC Teacher Consoles.

Known issue

Upgrading the reporting server in Tech Console from will prompt for a repair and uninstall dialog. If upgrade is desired select the repair option. March 2nd, 2012


  • The LanSchool Tech Console is now included with the Classroom Management software.
  • Automated LanSchool problem reports can be sent directly to Stoneware.
  • LanSchool on-demand teacher and student agents allow for classroom management in a BYOD environment. (Requires integration with Stoneware’s webNetwork which will be available with the release of webNetwork 6.1)
  • New support for NComputing M300 thin clients.
  • Improved Testing module capabilities
    • Provides a way for teachers to resend tests to individual students
    • Teachers can add missing or tardy students in the middle of an existing test
    • Student answers are preserved and restored if a student machine loses connection
    • One to one join class notification for students.
    • Added the Mac utilities.

Customer Fixes

  • Corrected occurrences of a sticky mouse and keyboard. Mouse and keyboard movement would appear to hang for a second or two and then catch up.
  • Resolved situation where screen data was off by a tile or two.
  • Fixed case when students sometimes don’t display results and the Teacher doesn’t gets an indication that they’re done, when “Show Test Score to students” is selected.
  • Correct cases where Show Teacher screen is showing up as a Windowed screen with Full screen option set.
  • Fixed situations where the view keeps scrolling to top or bottom after refreshing a PC or Mac Console with many Thumbnails.
  • Fixed situations where the Mac Teacher view scrolls to the top after refreshing the details view.
  • Added Linux student machine names so they show up when creating class lists.
  • Fixed Updating a Student from a loaded Class List updates Student’s base channel.
  • Corrected issue where web limiting stops working when using an empty “Allowed Sites” list.
  • Resolved case in which Mac Teacher would fails to apply Limiting button states from a Default Profile.
  • Fixed some situations where students stop responding to all network traffic.
  • Corrected problem where a Web Limited XP Student could block Control Panel and Recycle Bin.
  • Fixed the “Get Info” dialog to be properly displayed on a Mac OS X 10.5 Teacher.
  • Resolved issue where a Mac Teacher Details View truncated student question by one character.
  • Fixed bug where Student waking up from Standby was not picked up by a Teacher without a manual refresh.
  • Resolved issues where students were circumventing blank screen using certain key


  • Resolved issues where students were avoiding Web Limiting under some situations.
  • Resolved situations where some AD secured students appear as “Security Locked Out”.
  • Fixed the PC Install to not apply selected Security Settings unless “Enable a security mode” box is checked.
  • Corrected Hebrew Student to show popup menu correctly on the left side of the screen.
  • Fixed PC Teacher Keystroke History initial view of all keystrokes based on the selected option.
  • Fixed an issue where a Hebrew Teacher who had become a Student would not display Tests.
  • Added correct RC option enablement for Students who are already being Remote Controlled.
  • Enabled the “Run” toolbar button in the WMS 2011 plugin.
  • Corrected situations where WMS students fail to blank screen with there is a wireless student on the same channel.
  • Corrected situations where Teachers console was crashing when loading dynamic class list.
  • Resolved occurrences of student and teacher .dmp crashes.
    • Fixed situation where class list is loaded and muted students speakers unmute.
    • Resolved issues with VMware View over RDP.
    • Corrected situation where PC students regain control of keyboard and mouse intermittently. while being multiple remote controlled by a Mac Teacher.
    • Improved display issues of the Show Teacher feature when showing Teachers of certain

resolutions to Mac Students.

  • Fixed situation where Mac keystroke history shows some un-displayable keystrokes.
  • Improved error checking for toolbar buttons and profile loading.
  • Remove the ability for the Mac teacher install to be set to channel 0.
  • Improved support for “show teacher” across wireless environments with Mac Teacher and Mac students when sending custom cursors.
  • Resolved situations where remote control and show student does not show mouse movement by student.
  • Fixed problem where extra characters were being added to questions from Students.
  • Resolved Linux Student issue where blank screen messages that were changed while blanking would not display to the Student.
  • Fixed installation to allow AD secure to be selected.

Customer Fixes – Tech Console

  • Resolved situation where PC Tech Console crashes when viewing many students.
  • Added PC Tech Consoles scripted install parameters to include the SUPPRESS_REGISTRATION option like in the PC Teacher installer. December 21st, 2011


  • Added support for Linux Students on Ubuntu 11.10.
  • Added support for Hebrew on Mac (already available in Windows).
    • Added the ability to associate a profile with a Class List on a Mac Teacher (already available in Windows).
    • Mac Only: Added the ability to display custom cursors (like those used in a Photoshop- type of application) on the student during a Show Teacher or Remote Control session (not available on Windows).

Customer Fixes

  • The base home channel of a Student could sometimes be changed inappropriately if it was updated while loaded in a Class List.
  • If a Student was at the login screen when a Blank Screen was performed by the Teacher, the Student could break out of the Blank Screen state by pressing Alt+F4. That resulted

in the Student showing up as if it was still in the Blank Screen state within the Teacher

console, however the Student was able to login and use the computer without being blanked.

  • Corrected the menu option display for Testing in Hebrew.
  • Added a number of keys and their translations to keystroke filter including: Pause, Esc, Insert, Delete, Scroll Lock, Num Lock, Prnt Screen, End, and Home.
  • Removed the Register for Updates prompt for the Demo version of LanSchool.
  • Prevented a “busy” url in web limiting, where a student could flood the browser address bar by holding down and sending a letter key, or a combination like CTL + F4 among

other methods, after entering a forbidden URL on IE.

  • Prevented a possible crash that could occur in the Teacher console when closing a Class List.
  • Prevented a possible error that could occur when loading a Dynamic Class List in the PC Teacher Console while that list was already being edited by another process, like Excel.
  • Prevented an error that occurred when a very long Student question was sent. It is now limited to 400 characters.
  • Added a new command-line argument “IgnoreRegPrompt” that bypasses the Registration dialog for mass deployments.
  • Allowed the Show Student screen for LabQuest devices from the Teacher console.
  • Prevented a possible crash in the Mac Teacher console when a very large number of Terminal Server students (> 3000) were listed.
  • Prevented a problem with Students disappearing from Class Lists in the case where the network connection failed, as a timer to fully re-initialize it is now set, ensuring that within at most 3 minutes the Student will again be connected and be displayed in the list.
  • While administering a test to a Student, if the student went into standby mode, the Teacher would show their status as “Testing Cancelled”.
  • Answers are now scored correctly for those test questions which were previously of type Short Answer but were changed to T/F or Multiple Choice at some point in Test Builder.
  • Corrected the configuration setting options when a Profile was saved on a Mac Teacher.
  • In primarily Terminal Server environments, Students could sometimes toggle frequently between a Not Responding and a normal connected state.
  • On terminal server, task manager needed to be disabled when doing Show Video.
  • Corrected a problem with passing <Alt><Tab> through to a Student machine during Remote Control.
  • Added better handling of Thin Client Students, who could get into a state where the software was still active on the device, but it would not be displayed on a physical
  • Desktop. This could allow a new Student to be discovered with that connection address, though it was already seen as belonging to a different user. This caused the console to

continually re-discover students and potentially caused a student’s name to cycle between the connected and not-connected user.

  • Optimized the performance of the Clear Desktop message so that it goes much more quickly to all students when the list is large.
    • Corrected a problem when Student connection state information could be lost when their channel was changed in certain cases.
    • On NComputing X-series devices running operating systems newer than XP, the Student.exe was incorrectly running as a service, causing those devices to be listed with

the incorrect machine identification and be displayed with the wrong name.

  • The station identification of an NComputing L-Series device was not guaranteed to be unique for a certain segment of machines within a particular range of serial numbers.
  • Added support for Hungarian to WMS.
    • Corrected a problem in Class Lists in the Mac Teacher where the “Teacher Name” was corrupted before saving.
    • Prevented a possible Mac Teacher crash while monitoring keystroke logging.
      • Added input control by a Student when switching from Remote Control to Show Student in Mac Teacher.
      • Prevented the view from scrolling to the top or bottom of the screen after refreshing a PC or Mac Console with many Thumbnails.
      • Fixed a problem showing which Teacher has the student loaded in a class on Mac systems. Tiger doesn’t allow hiding and showing menus, so this feature in not supported on this version of Mac OS X.
      • Mac Student Web Limiting failed to properly block sites on Firefox 8.0.1.
      • Mac Teacher classroom layout was not being saved correctly.
        • The Become a Student option was not enabled in Mac Teacher when a Lite Student was selected.
        • The Mac Teacher View menu was disabled when selecting a Lite Student.
  • Enabled the Ctrl-Alt-Del option when Remote Controlling a Linux Student.
  • Enabled support for the Frontmotion version of Firefox. November 9th, 2011 Enhancements

  • Added full Web Limiting support for IE 8 and 9 64-bit browsers.
    • In the option to Save Current Class List, there is now the choice to select the type of Class List being saved.
    • A new tooltip was added to display the name of the teacher who loaded the Class List.
    • Added new language support for Hungarian and Hebrew

Customer Fixes

  • Erratic or jumpy mouse behavior on some Students (typically Windows XP) after lag caused by some underlying network change.
  • Doing a Show Teacher on Windows to Students that were asleep or hibernating sometimes resulted in a crash of the console when stopping the action.
  • Optimized the parsing of the Details List of Students in the Teacher console to make it both more efficient and done less often for those schools with a huge number of students.
  • Resolved problems with the Classroom Layout on a Windows Teacher not being saved

correctly because invalid coordinates when used when determining if the location was a valid drop spot, if the computer hadn’t had the location saved yet.

  • The second time a Screen Feed view was launched; the console could crash due to trying

to delete an invalid (uninitialized) object.

  • When a Teacher was monitoring multiple channels and then loaded a Class List, doing a Blank All would affect some students not in the List.
  • If a Machine Name Class List is loaded and it is detected that the Student has gone

away, the Student’s machine name was deleted preventing it from being found again.

  • The UDP receive buffer was not always cleared, so some commands would interfere with a later one when loading Class Lists.
  • The menu is now disabled that would previously allow Students to “opt out” of a class

by selecting the option “Change to a new class…” while a Class List was loading.

  • Browsing for Students could change the main Class List already selected.
  • Updating students in loaded Class Lists changed the channel permanently.
  • Some Students wouldn’t revert to their base channel when a Class List was dismissed.
  • When discovering a Class List a Student would not always update his IP Address in the List View.
  • Toolbar would go blank when loading a 7.5 Profile in a 7.6 Teacher Console.
  • Keystroke History could lock up the Teacher Console if the file grew too big.
  • Limit Web was failing in a Virtual Cluster environment.
  • Student.exe process wouldn’t run during RDP Terminal Services Session.
  • Student thumbnails could get stuck at the “Updating” state.
  • Console would report “Not Responding” as the number of Students grew.
  • Students would not startup after re-login on NComputing L300 Stations due to a change in the latest vSpace release.
  • NComputing X-Series Students wouldn’t always show up in the Teacher’s console due to a change in the latest vSpace release.
  • Mac Teacher crashed when attempting to load a Class List file (*.LSC), which is delimited with Mac-style (0x0D) line endings.
  • Mac Teacher IP and MAC address columns appeared to be editable.
  • Mac Teacher was sending empty packets in some Class List files in some cases.
  • Color Reduction Mode causes Mac to Mac Show Teacher to show a blank black screen.
  • Unable to perform a Block All in Web Limiting with new Firefox update (7.x) on Mac.
  • Mac Student showed multiple alerts for Safari Web Limiting.
  • Could not remote control a Lion Student whose display is asleep.
  • Lion Student sometimes showed two LanSchool icons.
  • Sometimes when a Lion Student process was stopped, when it came up again it would not be able to listen on port 796.
  • Show Teacher’s screen (windowed) on terminal server could be killed by Task Manager on WMS.
  • Blank screen on Terminal Services & WMS Students was not working in some isolated


  • Duplicate students were displayed in WMS 2011 Dashboard if the Student.exe crashed on a WMS station.
  • Changed from moving the Linux Student’s mouse, to drawing a “unique” mouse on the

screen like Windows and Mac Students do.

  • Added a menu option to clear the last question for the Linux student.
  • Added an option to change/set the multicast base address on Linux Student.
  • Added support for the group logon to Linux Student.
  • Added support for updating the Linux student channel, stealth mode, keyboard/internet/task monitoring settings during remote update. Also included additional icons for displaying status in the panel application.
  • Added the ability to the applet to store additional information like the IP address for the about box.
  • Added icon switching to show Web, App Limiting and Question states.
  • Teachers can now Show Screen to Linux Students at login page.
  • Removed the installed SQLite libraries on uninstall on Linux Student.
  • Added an option in the student.conf to enable 16000 multicast addresses for use with Linux Students.
  • Available Websites LanSchool page is now displayed when the Linux Student blocks web


  • App/Web Limiting of Linux Student was persisting even when the Teacher was no longer present.
  • Added support for Run Program on Linux Student.
  • Linux Student didn’t show up after being upgraded until it had been restarted.
  • Demo Linux Student was missing IP address from about window.
  • Channel information was not centered in Linux Student About window.
  • Installing Linux Student failed on Ubuntu 11.04.

Known issues

Remote update for Linux Student silently fails. Please contact Technical Support for an interim solution.

iOS release – November 8th, 2011 – available now from iTunes

  • Significant enhancements to the pairing process in order to make the initial pairing and Student discovery more robust.
  • An iPad Student wouldn’t show as “Done taking test” when the “Show Test Score To

Students” option was selected on a Mac Teacher.

  • Added new feature support in the SDK for the EdApp Certification process. , September 28th, 2011 Enhancements

  • Added the ability to send Alt + Tab keystroke to the Student machine during Remote Control as a new menu item for key pass-through.

Customer Fixes

  • If using AD Security, LanSchool now pre-caches a security descriptor to speed things up when a Teacher on the same domain tries to authenticate.
    • When testing for initial group membership, no longer assumes the domain from previous connections.
    • Modified Class Lists to treat the classID as a string rather than a number in order to handle alphanumeric classID’s.
    • Improved parsing to handle quotes with embedded commas and empty fields in .csv files for Dynamic Class Lists.
    • When a class list is loaded, student speakers unmute if they were muted by the student

rather than the teacher.

  • Disabled the Browse for Students button in the Manage Class List dialog as in large environment where there are thousands of students in a school (or connected district) as the response time can be so long as to be un-useable.
  • Added ClassListShim Utility files to Teacher and Multipoint 2010 and 2011 installs in

order to always enable the Dynamic Class List menu item.

  • File copy feature reported success even when a file was truncated due to a destination disk out of space condition.
  • Transferring files to a student went to C:\LanSchool Files regardless of the destination chosen, preventing file transfer to a secondary drive.
  • Backslashes in file collection path of students were included in the created file name.
    • Provide support for licensing validation through various proxy servers.
    • Allow for a registry over-ride to use more multicast addresses (base + channel) which allows for 16000 multicast addresses.
    • The teacher would only use the 802.11 enhanced broadcast if any “selected” student was wireless. If an Implied All was in use, then the teacher would revert back to broadcast/multicast.
    • Remote credentials were not being checked correctly when a Student was logged off

and you attempted to power down the machine on windows only.

  • On some hardware, the Student mouse cursor would pause on the screen after a thumbnail update on the Teacher.
  • After using Show Teacher, some Student machines would lose their task bar when the

session ended until remote controlled again.

  • Student input was disabled after an unexpected termination of an RC session.
  • Prevent a mouse cursor flash that resulted from Student thumbnail acquisition in the Teacher console.
  • Enhanced the Teacher to use True Machine name (in addition to a possible alias) when

loading a class list based on Machine Name when a student has an alias.

  • Testing answer files were always copied to the Testing folder instead of being included with the rest of the Test Results.
    • Handle the case where a Ping response from a student takes longer than 500ms.
    • If a second Teacher display was to the left of the primary display, then the screen geometries would cause the Teacher screen to seem to be missing, when actually it was showing up in un-viewable areas off screen.
    • Even when not domain-joined, get the extended user name in order to return a re- named username on machines where the username was changed using the User Accounts control panel applet.
    • Sometimes a Teacher could receive the wireless controller address as the fromAddr of a

student, causing a few student machines in a classroom to appear as the address of the wireless controller, and therefore be unreachable.

  • Replaced the ShowTeacherScreen gray border rectangles with a single gray window which is below the Show Teacher window and better handles cases where the Teacher and Student screens do not have the same resolution.
  • Prevent a possible Teacher crash caused by receiving a bad packet that was extremely


  • Added the ability to store a validated Teacher session for up to 3 minutes so multiple commands only require a single authentication.
  • When the console was resized, Show Teacher did not always scale correctly.
  • If an X series NComputing student logged out and then a new student logs back into that same machine, the new student will not show up in the console until the teacher forced a refresh of the student list.
  • The Screen feed view leaked memory, causing a crash of the console after running it for

an extended period of time.

  • Corrected the screen clipping feature available with multi-monitor support that was causing black boxes to be displayed on the screen.
  • Added support in Dynamic Class Lists for students who don’t have an assigned IP address when the List was generated.
  • Fixed a crash in the Teacher when the network changes underneath it suddenly.
  • Updated the Teacher.adm files to remove the Teacher Video Accelerator setting which is no longer needed do to the removal of the mirror driver.
  • Add LanSchool directory to CommonAppDataFolder to save private key and license files (in Teacher) and test scores (in the Student) in this special folder.
  • In Citrix environments, when connecting to a VM through RDP the Student.exe process would die.
  • Added support for v13 of Chrome as it has changed its URL’s Window Class Name – breaking web limiting.
  • When using Firefox for web limiting, the Student.exe could lock up and stop responding.
  • Mac Testing to a student wouldn’t show an image in the first test question.
  • Mac Teacher failed to collect files from a custom folder of PC Students, as the first character was being removed from the file path.
  • Mac Teacher who becomes a Student did not display web history correctly.
  • Mac Screen Feed hangs on one screen when the network connection is temporarily interrupted.
  • MacBook Students did not show up in Class List after going to asleep.
  • Mac Teacher/Student installers allowed Password Secure mode option to be selected with a blank password.
  • Mac Teachers Console wouldn’t change to channel 0.
  • PowerPC students may not load in class lists
  • A Mac Lion student did not correctly tile the background when viewing full-screen in Screen Feed view mode.
  • Mac Dynamic Class Lists does not work when values in the .csv file were quoted.
  • When performing a Show Teacher (Full Screen) or Show Student, the screen that’s displayed on the Ubuntu Student did not block the student from opening other applications and using them.
  • Added the ability to change and save channels via the UI in the Ubuntu Student icon.
    • The Ubuntu student didn’t display a Web Limiting or App Limiting Icon when it’s being limited.
    • Added support in the Ubuntu student for updating and cycling through messages shown

during a screen blank by the teacher.

  • Modified the “about” entry on the applet context menu in the Ubuntu student to show the product version.
  • Added support for demo versions of the Ubuntu and Vernier LabQuest students
    • In either a PC or Mac Teachers Console (English or French), if you select a French PC Student and choose the “View User Keystroke and Application History” option, when the keystrokes are displayed, they would show all of the whitespace characters (like Backspace, Enter, the cursor arrows, etc.), even when the “Show All Keystrokes” option is de-selected.
    • Incorrectly loaded the Chinese language supported, causing Chinese Traditional to be

displayed when it should have been Chinese Simplified (CHT vs. CHS).

  • Japanese tests come up blank on a Mac Student if the test name contains Japanese characters.
  • In localized product versions, certain characters in the address path would cause the tab

or browser to close when using Firefox.

  • While remote controlling the Vernier Student, clicking on the Home menu button seemed to produce no result.
  • Control was not returned to the Vernier Student when switching from Remote Control to View mode in the Teacher Console.
  • Ensured the power and security states return the correct values on Vernier LabQuest students.
  • During Show Teacher to an Ubuntu student, the mouse cursor was not tracking with the teacher activity and instead was static.
  • Changed the default machine name to use the MAC address of the LabQuest device, as this is almost always going to be unique and solves the problem where multiple LabQuest devices showed up as the same name on the Teacher software. The “device name” is now shown as the “logged in user” since that is always going to be “root”. Changing the display name on the teacher will change the “saved machine name”.
  • When sending a Vote question to a Terminal Services Student, if the Student had access

to the Task Manager, it appeared to hang the Student process and prevented the Teacher from controlling that student.

iOS release – September 30, 2011 – available from iTunes early October Enhancements

  • Add essay questions and answer file to iOS testing.
  • Added diagnostics for Technical Support for the iOS products.

Customer Fixes

  • Lite students were misrepresented as being controllable from an iOS Teacher’s Assistant, but now there is appropriate messaging that you can’t control Lite students. Lite student cannot be web or app limited, blanked, or sent a message or vote. Lite students can only be observed.
  • Modified the iOS headings in the toolbars where the titles were getting truncated with


  • Mac Teacher would sometimes not pair correctly with an iOS Teacher Assistant.
  • Allowed the iPad student to fail gracefully if sent corrupted test files.
    • Fixed broken button connection that was preventing images from zooming when touched.
    • Demo versions of iOS were not interacting with Demo LanSchool teachers correctly. , August 1st, 2011 Enhancements

  • Blank Screen before Login: Before students login to their device, display a configurable message in the student screen.
  • Show Teacher screen before Login: Immediately begin teaching a lesson using Show

Teacher in Full Screen mode, without needing to wait for students to first enter their login credentials.

  • Screen Feed View: Display full size thumbnails of each individual Student that cycle

continually through each student screen in the List.

  • Send/Collect File Folders: Teachers may now send and collect an entire folder of files, including subfolders, rather than doing so a single file at a time.
  • Internet History: A new install option has been added to choose whether or not to

capture the history of web visits.

  • Testing: Teachers may now add tardy students to the test after it has already started.
    • Testing: Student’s complete responses to all questions are returned to the Teacher console, as well as the results of the test (number of correct answers.)
    • Testing: Free form Essay questions are a new category added to provide functionality

similar to a Blue Book exam.

  • Dynamic Class Lists: LanSchool can now be integrated with any Student Information System (SIS) by exporting data from that system, which is then imported into the Teacher console as often as the data is updated.
  • View Students by IP address: Teachers may now view and sort Students by their IP

address, which is a new column added in the Details view of the Student List.

  • Support for Vernier LabQuest devices: LanSchool now supports a Student running on Vernier LabQuest devices.
  • Support for new Operating Systems: LanSchool now supports Students with Ubuntu computers, version 10 or 11, and the Mac OS X 10.7 Lion platform for both Teacher consoles and the Student software.
  • Ask the Tech: LanSchool has created a brand new product called the LanSchool Tech

Console, designed to help the school’s technical staff better support their teaching staff. When installed in the same school, Teachers have the ability to send a question directly to someone in their IT group or technical staff from their LanSchool Teacher console when they need immediate assistance.

Customer Fixes

  • The Windows Teacher console would occasionally freeze when browsing for students in Class List.
  • Running Limit App then Blank Screen could cause App Limit to fail on Windows.
  • Limiting Web on one student could Limit Web on all students within the same channel in a Citrix environment because UDP packets were being received out of order from either a Windows or Mac Teacher console.
  • Prevented Firefox 4 from accessing cached Flash sites on Windows and Mac Teachers.
  • Last Visited site information does not clear out when a new user logs in without a reboot between users on Windows and Mac Students.
  • Lock Layout option doesn’t persist upon reboot nor was it being saved within Profiles on


  • Modified the Web and App Limiting logic to insure that what was being limited data packet wasn’t received before the who was being limited data packet, which caused selected Students to fail to be limited from either a Mac or Windows Teacher.
  • A Student would sometimes erroneously respond to the wrong Teacher when changing

channels, if two Teachers were simultaneously watching the same Student.

  • Terminal Service Student didn’t uninstall after logoff/logon without a reboot.
  • When in the process of shutting down, the Student could crash if it was in the process of Keystroke Monitoring.
    • There was an error when attempting to get the logged on user in a NetWare environment, causing the User Name to show up as User.
    • When the horizontal resolution is not a multiple of 16 there could be some screen

warping when in a Show Teacher mode.

  • If there are a lot of wireless students, attempting to build a list of all students on all channels for Class List creation could appear to hang the console.
  • Show video not working as expected if there were a number of internal errors during


  • Exporting test results could fail on a test-retake.
    • When there are conflicting groups used in a Windows Multipoint Server installation groups, the explicit group (“LanSchool Students”, “LanSchool Teachers”, “NotTeacherOrStudent”) now wins when deciding whether to launch Teacher or Student for Domain Users.
    • Occasionally thumbnails would look connected to other thumbnails if the border

drawing around those items was disrupted internally.

Known Issues:

  • Command-A doesn’t work in the Lion Teacher or Tech Consoles.
    • Switching between Blanks screen messages, while Blank Screen is active, doesn’t switch on Ubuntu.
    • Remote Control Ubuntu Student does not enforce keyboard and mouse block on the Student.
    • Web Limiting of Ubuntu Student won’t switch directly from Blocked List to Allowed List.
    • Linux Student doesn’t display Web Limiting or App Limiting Icon when it’s being limited.
    • Remote Control of multiple Ubuntu Students only controls the first one.
      • Can’t activate the Home menu and Titlebar buttons while remote controlling a LabQuest Student
      • Ubuntu and LabQuest Students can’t change channel from the UI , May 17th 2011


  • Increased the robustness of Multicast responses by adding an ICMP message to benefit 1:1 classroom settings where the router would sometimes “forget” about the LanSchool machines periodically.

Customer Fixes

  • Some web browsers would not block URLs if you went to a full screen mode (F11) in the browser first, and then hit the back button to get to a site that should not be allowed based on Limit Web settings.
  • Expanded the subnet test to better handle multiple NICs on student machines.
    • Limit Web did not work in Firefox after the first block if the Web History feature in the browser was set to “Never remember history.”
    • Eliminated a lag in the Teacher console after a Show Screen transition.
      • LanSchool Lite Student thumbnails were not always listed in the Teacher console in certain conditions.
      • The screen would show up garbled if it was running in the somewhat unique resolution

of 1366 x 768.

  • A LanSchool Teacher installed on a Vista or Windows 7 machine could not be viewed/remote controlled by another Teacher, if the initial Teacher was first switched with the option to “Become a Student.”
  • In Class Lists, some students would not be listed appropriately (sometimes missing or duplicated).
  • Resolved a problem sending Tests to multiple iPad students.
    • Students would stay in the “Not responding” state after a disconnect, followed by a power off and then an immediate reconnect.
    • Resolved a potential timing issue which could cause the Teacher to crash when it is run

in AD Secure mode.

  • Provided a new way via a registry key to force video playback to be maximized for Windows machines. , April 6th 2011 Enhancements

  • Improvements to the Student Diagnostic utility in its accuracy and ability to diagnose AD Secure students.

Customer Fixes

  • Internet Explorer 7 on Windows XP would occasionally fail to show the appropriate Available Websites page when web browsing was blocked.
    • Students would continue to show as Security Locked Out if the Teacher Console loaded before the network connection was fully up.
    • The Vote feature would not clear previously received answers when a vote question was resent to students.
    • PC Students could crash when receiving multiple tests within a short period of time.
    • Firefox Web Limiting would fail when using shared profiles.
    • Student Machine Names would randomly show as gibberish in the Teachers Console.
      • The Mac Student would show a pink thumbnail when running on a Mac OSX 10.4 (Tiger) machine with an Intel processor.
      • Last Visited Website Icons would not appear when configured to do so in the thumbnails

view for 7.5.2.x Students.

  • Windows Media Player was being shut down when Web Limiting was applied to a PC Student.
  • Web Limiting was not enforced when using Microsoft Outlook to browse the web.
    • Class Lists could fail to properly load students using AD User names, if AD Security mode was not configured.
    • Web Limiting in Firefox could fail to properly block forbidden paths on allowed sites,

under certain conditions. , March 8th 2011 Enhancements

  • Added support for web limiting Firefox 4.
    • Increased the number of different types of video files that can be played in the Show Video File feature.

Customer Fixes

  • Under certain conditions, the Task Bar would not reappear after Showing Teacher or Blanking Screens.
  • Remote Login would fail when the Student PC was configured to show a Logon Notice

Screen before the login screen.

  • Changes to the Data Transmission settings would not persist when the Teacher had been started via the SwitchToTeacher utility.
  • Tablet pens or mice would not be re-enabled after Blank Screen or Remote Control

sessions, in some situations.

  • Firefox web limiting would fail when using profile information from a shared network location.
  • Firefox browser would lose all open tabs when blocking the site on one tab.
    • Web Limiting could be circumvented by browsing to an HTTPS secure site using Internet Explorer 6.
    • Send Ctrl+Alt+Delete (While Controlling) could conflict with the Secure Attention Sequence of certain other remote controlling programs.
    • Mac Students didn’t limit apps made stealthy by Dock Dodger.
    • The Mac Student could be stopped using the PwnSchool utility.
      • Ctrl+click did not bring up the context menu in the Details view of the Mac Teachers Console.
      • The Keystroke logger would occasionally stop on Mac OSX 10.4 Students. , February 12th 2011 Customer Fixes

  • Web Limiting in Internet Explorer could fail if a standard student on Windows 7 or Vista had the Remove Run Menu from Start Menu group policy applied. , February 8th 2011 Enhancements

  • Enabled the Testing feature menus and buttons for iOS devices, so that future versions of the iPad and iPhone LanSchool Student will be able to receive tests.

Customer Fixes

  • Web Limiting did not limit Internet Explorer 7.
  • Block All would shut down Internet Explorer instead of just blocking the web traffic.
    • Firefox Web History would fail to record websites with double-byte characters in the title.
    • Web Limiting in Netscape would not close the browser when cancelling the prompt to close multiple tabs.
    • Web Limiting in Internet Explorer could fail if the student had restricted file system rights or the NoRun group policy applied.
    • Remote controlling multiple students who were at the login screen would only control the first one.
    • The Mac student could stop logging keystrokes. , February 1st 2011 Enhancements

  • Implemented a less invasive web limiting architecture for the PC, which continues to effectively prevent students from visiting restricted sites, but which also avoids

inadvertently conflicting with certain allowed sites, web proxies, or the network traffic of other applications.

  • Internet Explorer users are now allowed to clear the browser history. The LanSchool Student Web History remains preserved.

Customer Fixes

  • Students were allowed to maintain control of mouse and keyboard while in Blank Screen and Remote Control mode.
  • The PC Student was unable to log Web History in some cases.
  • Web Limiting could fail with ZoneAlarm firewall on 64 bit Windows 7.
  • Conflicts with the Microsoft Application Virtualization Client.
    • Issues getting to the web when LanSchool and the Cisco Security Agent were both installed.
    • Problems printing to HP 4250N when LanSchool Student was installed.
      • The browser would hang when attempting to access certain allowed web sites if web limiting was applied.
      • Citrix Terminal Teacher could not show it’s desktop to Citrix Terminal Students when

wireless students were present on the network.

  • There was a conflict with Lightspeed proxy filter.
  • Students were unable to publish documents to Microsoft SharePoint Server.
  • PC Students failed to be removed from a loaded Class List.
  • Ctrl-Alt-Del keystroke was not always adequately blocked on Vista and Windows 7.
  • Under rare conditions the PC Teacher could crash while web limiting.
    • In some cases, keyboard control was lost after clicking on the Windows key during a remote control session of a PC Student.
    • Remote Control did not always work correctly with UAC on Windows 7.
      • The Student process could be killed on an NComputing station whose host was running vSpace on Windows 7.
      • The Lite Student would not respond correctly to Student Diagnostics.
      • The Mac Student could cause Microsoft Excel to crash.
        • In the Mac Teacher console, the Clear Student Desktop menu item was improperly disabled when multiple Students were selected., December 1st 2010 Enhancements

  • Enhanced the Student Diagnostic tool to include the functionality of the SSPI_Teacher and SSPI_Student utilities for debugging Active Directory Secure Mode communication issues.
  • Several improvements to the Active Directory Secure Mode feature.
  • Extended the Voting feature so that new vote questions can be created without being connected to Students.
  • Improved the Mac File Transfer status window to cause it to scroll to the last message

when the messages are longer than the list box.

  • Improved the robustness of the Student service on NComputing X-series on Windows 7.

Customer Fixes

  • Several Japanese and other non-English strings were localized incorrectly.
  • The Teacher would rarely get into a state where it would consume 100% of the CPU.
  • All HTTP traffic was being blocked when using a blank Blocked Sites list.
  • The Subscription nag screen did not update the number of days remaining.
  • The main test screen did not get repainted after the Enter Name dialog was dismissed on PC Students.
  • HTTPS traffic was not being properly blocked on PC Students.
  • Web Limiting was not being applied appropriately to 64 bit Internet Explorer.
  • The PC Students task bar would rarely disappear after a Blank Screen, Show Teacher, or Remote Control session.
  • The Clear Student Desktop menu option was not enabled appropriately.
  • The SwitchToTeacher utility would launch the Teacher in English on a non-English PC.
  • The French PC Student installer was clearing out the PATH environment variable, causing other software on the system to behave strangely.
  • The Student on a French PC with keyboard monitoring enabled would prevent certain

dead-characters, like those with grave accents, from being typed properly.

  • Remote updating a Demo student to the Home version would install the Lite version of the product instead of the Home version.
  • Occasionally, the Active Directory name would not appear for some AD students.
  • When building a class list, students with multiple network adapters would sometimes fail to show up in the list.
  • AD Secure Students would toggle between authenticated and locked out when a

Teacher had multiple network adapters.

  • Internet Explorer 8 on Windows 7 would rarely hang during launch if the Student was installed.
  • The Save buttons were improperly disabled after importing a class list from a .csv file.
  • The Wake on LAN feature would detect the wrong MAC address when the Nortel IPSECSHM driver was installed.
  • Changes to the Show Dual Monitor settings were not applied until the Teacher Console

had been restarted.

  • After certain upgrade sequences, the Teacher preferences were failing to be saved on Windows 7.
  • A Student who went to sleep while loaded in a class list would fail to display properly

after it woke up.

  • The Arabic installation showed as English on an Arabic PC.
  • Students with both wired and wireless network adapters would occasionally display the wrong IP address.
  • Upgrading from a previously installed Lite Teacher or Student could cause unnecessary

slowness when browsing the Internet.

  • Under certain conditions, the Remote Login feature would input the wrong data.
  • The LanSchool 7.5 Student would fail to install on a Windows 98 system.
  • The LskProxy was pegging the CPU when uploading certain videos from a Student PC.
  • The Lite Mac Student would not load into a Class List.
  • The Mac Student could cause Microsoft Excel to crash.
  • The Mac manifest files were not easy to find.
  • IP Address web limiting of Mac Students was blocking some legitimate URLs.
  • Thin clients would not display transmitted screens correctly if there were Wireless Students in the Teachers list.
  • The Enable Teacher Microphone selection would persist even after the Mac Teacher

Console closed and then re-launched.

  • The Keystroke History would occasionally stop logging keystrokes on the Mac.
  • Mac Student would fail to correctly launch the browser when using the Run feature with a URL.
  • Mac Teacher using Novell eDirectory could trigger a classdoom false positive in the

Security Monitor.

  • Mac Student web limiting didn’t handle multiple wildcards correctly.
  • Mac Teacher would not send key-up messages while remote controlling a PC Student who was running within VMware on a Mac host.
  • Mac Teacher would not update thumbnails with limiting icons when another Teacher

Console was limiting the students.

  • Unsupported options were sometimes available when iOS devices were selected.
  • Secured students would occasionally fail to show up in the Wake on LAN list.
    • Some file transfer options were improperly disabled when there were one or more students selected who could not receive files.
    • The test window would occasionally crash after a student submitted their results to a

Mac Teacher.

  • Mac Student could not kill certain app, like Tux Paint.
    • The Mac Teacher would occasionally crash when showing the Teachers screen for extended periods of time.
    • The Mac Teacher would occasionally crash while building a class list if there were iOS

devices on the network. , October 26th 2010 Enhancements

  • Refined the Browser Independent Web Limiting architecture to only limit the traffic of most web browsers and not to interfere with the network communication of other applications.
  • Enhanced the usability of the Run Program on Student Machine feature of the Mac

Console. Including the ability to drag a file into the Run dialog or specify a document and have it launch in its default application.

  • Improved the Load Class Lists feature in the Mac Console to display the 10 most recently loaded class list files.

Customer Fixes

  • The Browser Independent Web Limiting would prevent a few specific websites from displaying or the audio from working correctly.
  • The Browser Independent Web Limiting would interfere with the remote console for

VMware Vspace and MSN Messenger and prevent them from functioning correctly.

  • Under certain conditions the Remote Login would fail to fill the correct data to the login fields.
  • Student would fail to install correctly on Windows 98 operating systems.
    • The Web Limiting proxy would take up excessive CPU cycles during file uploads and then causes the download of certain files to take longer than necessary.
    • Some Student Tests would abruptly disappear under certain slow network conditions

when the Teacher selected to have the Student enter their name instead of assuming the Login Name.

  • The Mac Teacher console would fail to send the appropriate network transport settings

to the iPhone/iPad Teachers Assistant.

  • The Clear Desktop feature applied to Mac Students would not clear the Finder windows.
    • When browsing for a test file in the Mac Console, the browser would allow navigation into packages and apps. It would allow selection of certain files which were not tests.
    • In the Mac Console, the Layout menu items were improperly enabled when not in

classroom layout mode of the thumbnails view.

  • The App Limiting button in the Mac Console was missing the Allow List and Block List items in the context menu.
  • Mac Users logged in through Fast User Switching would cause duplicate keystrokes to be

logged. , October 12th 2010 Enhancements

  • Improved the parity of the menu items and properties dialog information between the PC and Mac Teacher Consoles.

Customer Fixes

  • Incorrect keystroke alerts were occasionally sent to Teachers from PC Students when the list of banned words was greater than the list of limited applications.
  • The remote update of the PC Student failed to set the Legacy Browser advanced option

when it was appropriate.

  • The Student Diagnostic utility would fail to return the Students Active Directory name.
    • In the Web Limiting Allowed Sites list, some URLs with sub-domains would not resolve correctly because of the “www” that was being appended to the beginning of the URL.
    • The PC Student could crash if the Student was installed using the “Legacy Web Limiting”

advanced option when the Teacher turned on Web Blocking.

  • The PC Student could crash if Block All web limiting was applied when the Allowed and Blocked Sites lists were empty.
  • The Mac Teacher would crash when closing the Manage Class Lists dialog without saving

the current list.

  • The Mac Student caused an unnecessary error message in the system log.
  • Recently awoken Mac students would occasionally fail to log keystrokes.
    • The Mac Teacher would fail to change the display of the student thumbnail if the student went to sleep while being blanked.
    • The Mac Student would fail to remote update after a file transfer to a customized folder.
    • The Mac Teacher console did not show the word from the last keystroke alert. , October 5th 2010


  • Option during install to choose the Legacy IE-only Web Limiting instead of the new Browser Independent Web Limiting.
    • Browser Independent Web Limiting now only limits web traffic destined for port 80 or 443, to avoid conflicting with the network communication of other applications.

Customer Fixes

  • After installing 7.5 Teacher or Students, printing through Novell iPrint would fail in some cases.
  • PC remote login could occasionally fail when the Teacher had multiple network


  • Mac Toolbar buttons in the overflow menu were inconstant in appearance and behavior with the same buttons in the main toolbar menu.
  • Mac Student could limit web even when not selected for web limiting.
    • Password Secure Mac Student did not show the “s” after the version number in the status bar.
    • Mac Students with long domain names over 30 characters would cause class lists to fail.
      • Mac Console did not update changed screen dimensions when broadcasting teacher screen.
      • Mac Teacher Clear Desktop was not enabled on an implied selection. , September 28th 2010 Customer Fixes

  • In the Lite version, thumbnails would show as “Updating…” and fail to refresh.
    • When web limiting a Student, IP address browsing was always blocked.
    • Power On Students – Wake On LAN List would fail to add new computers when attempting to rebuild the list.
    • Internet Explorer would apply the current web limiting list on students who were not selected to be web limited.
    • Mac Teacher would occasionally crash during a remote update of Students.
    • Mac dual monitor would be skewed under some conditions.
    • Memory leak in Mac Teacher when taking snapshots of student screens. , September 20th 2010 Customer Fixes

  • After installing 7.5 Teacher or Students some types of authentication to Microsoft ISA web proxy would fail, preventing Internet access.
  • Mac teacher Power On option was inappropriately disabled when no students were in

the list.

  • Occasionally, changes to network settings would not persist on Windows 7.
  • The PC Teacher uninstall failed to remove VistaInfo32.dll on Windows 7 and Vista. , September 10th 2010

  • Internal Release September 10th 2010 Customer Fixes

  • In some instances the PC Teacher uninstall or scripted silent install would fail. , September 7th 2010

  • Initial Release