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Simple, Reliable, Cross Platform Classroom Management.

Assess Student Progress

The LanSchool Teacher can send a test to thestudent and collect the test results. Test questions can include True / False, Multiple Choice, short answer and essay questions. Images can also be attached to each test question.

Assess Student Progress



Electronically testing and grading is now a simple task. LanSchool’s test builder easily creates true/false, multiple choice, short answer and essay questions that can include graphics. When the test is sent out to students, the teacher can watch in real-time where and how they are doing on the test. The test questions can optionally be randomized and timed. Tardy students can even be added to a test. Results can be exported to an electronic gradebook, significantly reducing the time to administer and grade tests.


Voting replaces the need for the traditional “clicker” classroom response system. Teachers can get a quick pulse on whether or not students understand a concept. A True/False or Multiple Choice question can be answered and the results shown immediately to the teacher.

Ask True/False or multiple choice questions from the LanSchool Teacher console. View in real-time how many students have responded and how they responded.
Assessment mode allows Teacher limit interaction, lock down student machines and capture activity logs

Assessment Mode

Administration of online assessments in K12 education, largely driven by the adoption of the Common Core State Standards Initiative (CCSSI), creates an opportunity for states and school districts to further their overall digital learning strategies. The new feature for LanSchool, Assessment Mode, allows a Teacher to put Students into a secure, locked mode in order to take an assessment exam. This feature supports all assessment exams including those administered in support of CCSSI. When applied, the Students enter Assessment Mode. During this mode the Teacher can’t interact with a Student and is restricted to monitor or communicate with an Assessment Mode Student.