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Simple, Reliable, Cross Platform Classroom Management.

About Stoneware

Established in 2000, and acquired by Lenovo in 2012, Stoneware, Inc. is a manufacturer of cloud computing and classroom management software. Stoneware’s Unified Workspace solution allows IT to provide users with access to their files, applications, and reports from an HTML5 webDesktop. With the acquisition of LanSchool Technologies, LLC. in 2011, Stoneware provides award-winning classroom management and monitoring software known for being reliable, simple, and easy-to-use.

Low Network Bandwidth

LanSchool requires between 5% and 20% of the bandwidth used by the competition. While showing the teacher’s screen, LanSchool uses around 24 KB/sec. Monitoring thumbnails requires less than 10 KB/sec.


LanSchool thwarts attempts by students to disrupt the class by disabling the software. LanSchool students will re-join the session if the network is unplugged, the service will re-start automatically, and registry keys are protected from change. Savvy students will have the competitive products disabled in minutes.


If you suspect a student is using a unauthorized teacher console, you can quickly identify them with the security monitoring tool. It captures all LanSchool activity to a log file. There is also a “secure” version of LanSchool that requires teachers to enter a password to open the console.

Low Processor and Memory Requirements

LanSchool only requires about 4% of the processor and 8 MB of memory on the client.

Works with Subnets and VLANS

LanSchool functions across subnets and VLANs using Multicast and Directed Broadcast technology. Port 796 is the only port required.

Unbeatable Support Policy

LanSchool comes with one year of free telephone and e-mail support. If you have a problem that we cannot resolve quickly over the phone or Internet